Prayer List

Loving God,
We are signs of your presence in our world
whenever we witness
to your love and compassion,
to your kindness and care,
to your justice and peace.
Fortify us to be this witness
in a real and visible way,
as well as spiritually
as we remember our neighbors in prayer.

Please remember the following intentions of our St. Michael family. To add someone’s name to any prayer list, please call the office.  

Prayers for the sick / Peticiones de oración para los enfermos: Abigail Aguilar, Pedro Aguilar, Sebastian Aguilar, Nikki Becker, Ed Bedwell, Todd Brooks, Charley Canfield, Aurora Casa, Fabio Castro, Patricia Castro, Cecilia Cervantes, Jennifer Chander, Carroll Clark, Richard O. Davis, Guadalupe Delgado, Paul Douglas, Josie Elosua, Antonio Espinoza, Patrick Evans, Evela Feliez, Gina Fortune, Gauna Garcia, Arci Galven, Dory Gaston, Tricia Gavin, Marty Godfrey, John Goodwin, Lance Goodwin, Susan Gray, Jose Gutierrez, Miriau Hernandez, Rashard Hill, Ben Hugoboom, Maria Ignacia, Jimmy Johnson, Courtney Kerwin, Bradley Kuenn, Laura Lockwood, Blanca Lopez, Albert Lucchesi, Sophia McGeehan, Sarah McLeod, Lee McWaters, Karly McWheter, Chip Maley, Juan Martin, Jane Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, Mike O'Neil, Arturo Padron, Guadalupe Paulin, Bonnie Peterson, Ashley Portis, Angelica Ramirez, Antonio Ramirez, Eliezer Ramirez, Guadalupe Ramirez, Sergio Ramirez, Teodoro Ramirez, Margarita Rivera, Cliff Robinson, Frank Rogers, Maria Roslaes, Espranza Rodriguez, Amy Shinebarger, Ray Smith, Jane Tonning, and Rita Woodward

Prayers for Expectant Mothers / Oraciones para Futuras mamás: Elle Murchison, due in April; Cydney French, due  in June; Elizabeth Barzizza Hampton, due in July; Courtney Durham, due in August; Chandler Sexton, due in August

Jesus, I am yours and you are mine, and so it must be forever!