Prayer List

Loving God,
We are signs of your presence in our world
whenever we witness
to your love and compassion,
to your kindness and care,
to your justice and peace.
Fortify us to be this witness
in a real and visible way,
as well as spiritually
as we remember our neighbors in prayer.

Please remember the following intentions of our St. Michael family. To add someone’s name to any prayer list, please email Mary Sexton at [email protected].    

Prayers for the sick / Peticiones de oración para los enfermos: Herb Brewer, José Briones, Steve Barzizza, Marie Brewer, Todd Brooks, Diego Bustamante, Doug Carver, Cecilia Cervantes, Pedro Cervera, Suzan David, Luke Davis, Paul Douglas, Cheri Flick, Estela Fuentes, Steve Gross, Chip Hammond , Eliza Hernández, Eva Hernández, Bea Hill, Betty Hudson, Bradley Kuenn, Blanca Lopez, Nancy Lucchesi, Bettye Lucchesi, Linda Lucchesi, Samuel Martinez, Deacon Miles Merwin, Richard O Davis, Mike O'Neil, Guadalupe Paulin, Josefa Pinto, Patricia Portis, Sharray Portis Angelica Ramirez, Karla Mireya Delgado Ramirez, Teodoro Ramirez, Eliezer Ramirez, Margarita Rico, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Maria Rosales,Cathy Treadwell, Peter Treadwell, Sr. , Ty Tuggle, Hilaria Valdivia, Charlie Warner

Wings of Prayer / Alas de oración: For peace in Ukraine; Theresa Brown- For the healing of a dear friend, the sale of my house, humility and patience; Carline Reardon- To beat cancer; Hillary Golden- To beat cancer; Patricia- For my family and friends; Ernest Brackeen- for finances, for my mother, that my kidneys are healed; For Lisa Blevins and baby Cali Rae who was born at 29 weeks; Bettany Barnett- For healing and trust, and conversations with my family.

Prayers for Expectant Mothers / Oraciones para Futuras mamás: Natalie Twiggs, twins due 1/2023; Chandler Sexton due 3/2023

Prayers for active-duty Military and Law Enforcement/Oraciones por las Fuerzas Armadas y Policías en servicio activo: Det. Sammy Crews SCSD, Lt. Deputy Sheriff Adam Williams SCSD, Lt. Bryan Culley MPD, Lt. Patrick Twele MPD, Officer Russel Cathey MPD, Officer Chase Cathey MPD, Officer Chip Cathey MPD, Officer Gustavo Tudon, Jr. MPD, BM2 Hector Gonzalez USN, Firefighter/Paramedic Bobby E. Russell, lll MFD, Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Russell MFD, Firefighter/EMT Hunter Griffith, Sr. Leonardo Corona USN, Officer Antonio Espinoza Lemus MPD

Jesus, I am yours and you are mine, and so it must be forever!