In the Sacrament of Marriage, a man and a woman provide witness to Christ's spousal love for the Church by coming before God to make a life-long commitment of exclusive love and affection, open to the bearing of children. God created Christian marriage as part of his plan for salvation. The Catholic Church takes marriage preparation very seriously, and wants the couple to understand the depth and significance of the commitment they intend to make. This commitment is based on the love rooted in God Himself.

St. Michael's is honored to be a part of this exciting and joyful time as you prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony. Begin preparations early and remember to pay special attention to your spiritual journey along the way. We encourage you to pray together and integrate yourselves into our parish community in a special way during this time of preparation. This will help build a strong foundation for your married life. In the preparing for the sacrament, the Church asks, “Are you ready to make this serious, life-long, God-centered commitment?” The process you are about to enter exists solely to allow you both the time and assistance necessary to answer that question. 

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